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How Mental Health Solutions Help Attract And Retain Young Professionals
30th November, 2022 | 5.00 - 7.30 PM 
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Talent Garden Rainmaking

Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 41, 1434 København

Participating Companies 

Calling all young professionals (Gen Z & Millennials) HR professionals, and modern-thinking business leaders interested in an evening where we will look into mental health from end to end perspective, defining the problem, outlining solutions and providing a way forward to enable young professionals to improve their mental wellbeing.


Our event, on Nov 30th 2022 in downtown Copenhagen, will demonstrate the mental health challenges that young professionals are facing, and provide you with a strategic approach to solve the problem, including key showcases from leading workplaces in Denmark and offer you a way to get funding and get started.


So, join us for an exciting evening of like minded people with a joint mission of improving mental wellbeing for the upcoming generations, as well as insights into the for impact start-up Millennial Mental Wellbeing (MMW), working on improving mental wellbeing amongst young people, by creating awareness and bringing tools to employees and leaders in the workforce.

Event Program

MMW 2nd event agenda (6).png

About Millennial Mental Wellbeing

Who are we?

We are For Impact Organization, uniting passionate professionals around the world with aspiration of providing access to relevant mental wellbeing tools and service for younger generations (Millennials & Gen z) living in an increasingly connected world. Our first mission is focused on young professionals in workplaces. 


This event is relevant if you are a young professional struggling with mental wellbeing , wanting to learn more about how leading workplaces in Denmark are tackling this issue and creating empathetic workplaces for the future, as well as network with like minded individuals.

Proud to bring inspirational speakers 

Young professionals Jury: The voice of Millennials & Gen Z

A Jury of 4 young professionals will be present to listen and share their insights on what will be presented and discussed. This will provide a real time feedback loop to workplaces and help them gain invaluable insights to design relevant workplace of the future.

The event is equally relevant if you are a business leader or HR professional who is looking to better understand how to attract and retain young professionals by prioritising mental wellbeing in the workplace or organisation. We will have representatives from leading workplaces in Denmark talking about the steps taken to prioritise employee’s mental wellbeing at their respective workplaces and offer you a way to get funding and getting started.

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